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Increasing environmental regulations, durability and performance of the highest degree amongst many other parameters make paint, and its quality control one of the most important steps in validation of design and final product. Our paint testing section complements the validation cycle needs for auto components.

Tests conducted
1. Salt Spray Test
2. Copper Accelerated Test
3. Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test
4. Humidity Test
5. Cyclic Test
6. Abrasion Resistance Test
7. Scratch Resistance Test
8. Cross Hatch Test
9. Impact Resistance Test
10. Bend Test
11. Gloss Test
12. Pencil Hardness Test
13. DFT/Coating Thickness
14. Acid Resistance Test
15. Xylene Test
16. Alkali Resistance Test
17. Adhesion Test
18. Chemical Resistance of Paint Test
19. Gasoline Test
20. Hot Water Resistance Test
21. UV Resistance Test