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Chemical analysis is used to identify the contents, composition and quality of the materials used in product development, manufacturing and in-service support activities.

Chemical analysis is useful for material verification, material identification, chemical composition analysis, contaminant detection and residue analysis. Our laboratory can support material verification which helps in procuring of materials. A wide range of wet analytical techniques are also utilized to provide customers with testing results. The instruments used at Widmans Laboratory can perform multi-element trace analysis and parts-per-million (ppm) level.

Tests conducted
1. Optical Emission Spectrophotometer
2. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
3. UV Spectrophotometer
4. Wet Analysisv
5. Corrosion life of painted panel
6. Oil Content
7. Coating Weigh
8. Low Alloy Steel
9. Stainless Steel
10. Tool Steel
11. Cast Iron
12. All types of Aluminum Alloy
13. All types of Copper & Copper Base Alloy
14. Zinc & Zinc Base Alloy
15. Tin & Tin Base Alloy
16. Lead & Lead Base Alloy
17. All Type of Copper & Copper Base Alloy
18. Electrical Solder
19. Lead, Cadmium & Mercury
20. Electrolyte Solution
21. Hexavalent Chrome (Cr+6)
22. Water Tests
23. Corrosion Resistance Test (Salt Spray Test)
24. Copper Accelerated Test (CASS)
25. Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test (AASS)
26. Corrosion Testing
27. End of Life Vehicle (ELV) Test