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The purpose of mechanical testing is to observe the properties of the materials themselves in an attempt to understand and predict service behaviour and performance. This information is necessary to help identify suitable materials , compositions and designs. It is also the most direct way in which the success and failures of improvements in composition, fabrication techniques or finishing procedure may be evaluated.

By testing your sample to destruction, and recording the results, you can be confident your product will perform as intended in your desired application.

Tests conducted
1. Tensile/Yield Strength
2. Percentage Elongation
3. Reduction of Area
4. Compression Strength
5. Bend Test
6. Fracture Test
7. Load Test/Breaking Load
8. Flattening/Flaring Test
9. Buckling Test
10. Hardness in Rockwell Scale (A, B, C, D, E & F)
11. Hardness in Superficial Scale (15N, 30N, 45N, 15T, 30T & 45T)
12. Hardness in BHN at 750 Kg & 3000 Kg
13. Hardness in HBS at 750 Kg & 3000 Kg
14. Hardness in HBW at 750 Kg & 3000 Kg
15. Micro Hardness Test
16. Hardness at Coating Thickness
17. Hardness at Case Depth
18. Effective Case Depth (ECD)
19. Charpy Impact “V” Notch
20. Charpy Impact “U” Notch
21. Izod Impact “V” Notch
22. Inspection of Impact Specimen
23. Profile of Impact Sample for “V” & “U” Notc