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Metallurgical Testingidentifies the condition and makeup of materials, ensuring the product or component is fit for purpose. Metallurgical testing can verify that the metal received is in fact the metal you were promised by your supplier.

These services are also called Metallography Evaluation, Metallographic Examination and Metallurgical Analysis.

As metals are subjected to melting, cooling and working processes, the grains and crystalline structure change. The experts at Widmans Laboratory study the material’s microstructure and/or macrostructure to evaluate the effects on material properties.

Tests conducted
1. Microstructure
2. Grain Size
3. Inclusion Rating
4. Case Depth
5. De-Carb Depth
6. Microstructure of Cast Iron
7. Coating Thickness
8. Weld Penetration
9. Brazing Depth
10. Brazing Penetration
11. Crack Detection Test
12. Welding Penetration
13. Brazing-Depth, Length/Penetration
14. Other dimensional analysis at 10X & 30X magnification